Julian Alexander Clemens Richter

Before all artlearnings and in the meantime I learn to draw with a normal pencil myself. At school when it was boring I draw and draw.23nd December, 2003- It was the beginning of learning to be a sculptor. I was a little 9 years old boy and leave my handballteam where I played 4 years. I started a sculptor teaching by Helga Potthoff. She is a very great artist and make very beautiful art works. In my life I learned so much things about art techincal things.  Only 2 years ago 2005- I started to work with acrylic colours on a canvas. I booked a acrylic canvas teaching by my art-teacher. I could found my art.style at the teaching lessons by her. I had learn so much things by Helga. 2010- I must closed the teaching, because I must worked for my designer study very well. But I did my artworks in my free time when I have time to drawing our sculpture artworks. Of course I drawed more additionally besite my abitur. More wishes from people came and I draw pictures on canvas for their. 2012 I made my designer study. After that I worked as a photographer and designer for digital & print media with my own label.

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